My name is Becky I am born and raised in Southern California. I’m a mommy of two boys who has a love for simple everyday monochrome stylish wear. In 2017 when my first was born i fell in love with dressing him in modern stylish clothing and struggled to find stuff I liked. Thats when the idea sparked. I began my hobby of reselling children clothing and had lots of fun while supporting my shopping habits to buy more clothing as he grew. When my second was born in 2018 the passion grew deeper to provide more options for little ones, especially boys.

Our main focus is boys clothing, let's face it girls have many more options out there (wink). That doesn't mean we won't grow and add more girl pieces as we continue to expand. Thank you for being apart of my journey in chasing this little dream of mine.




I have always loved the name Cruz as a boy name. I invisioned this stylish little babe when i would think of my future boy. Long story short, i had two boys and i didn't end up naming either of them that name.  This small shop is another baby to me, so guess what, i named it CROOZE!